Die Jungs von Sterbhaus haben nun offiziell bekannt gegeben, dass sie einen neuen Drummer haben. Dieser heißt Peter Lindqvist, spielte bisher in keiner mir bekannten Band (Canopy) und sieht so aus:

Bild: Emily Vollertzen

Die Band kommentiert:

"It is now just a week before we will embark on the three week European tour in support of Vader and Melechesh (“proudly” we might add) … and well, it seems rather stupid to keep our traps shut, so we are proud to now at last officially announce our drummer Peter Lindqvist!

…Since August last year we’ve pretty much known that eventual turbulence regarding the Sterbhaus line-up is finally gone. We’ve been kinda quiet about this just to play it safe and not rush anything (a solid and stable line-up is definitely a necessity for the many many things Sterbhaus will be involved in the next coming years) and after playing abroad together as well as performing on the homefield during the fall it is high time to let you all know."