Die Finnen Korpiklaani sind ihren Quetschkommodisten Juho Kauppinen los. In einem offiziellen Statement berichtet Juho:

“I have decided to set my goals elsewhere, as a result of which Korpiklaani will go on without me from now on. Korpiklaani was a prominent part of my life for long, but after these eight and a half years I played in the band I have come to realize that I currently want to experience and pursue something else. Accordion has never been my primary instrument. I also understood that performing in front of an audience is not exactly what I hugely enjoy. Strange as it sounds, what I most want from making music nowadays is playing guitar at home. That is what I find relaxing and free of stress. Some people love touring, but because I am a very private person I found living and traveling on the tour bus for four weeks in a row a little challenging. Nevertheless, I got to experience many things I am deeply grateful for and want to thank all Korpiklaani's listeners, fellow bands, crew members and our staff who enabled all of this. I am glad that the band has now found a truly professional accordionist to take the place of me to take care of the future tours and shows as planned. I wish everyone well. The journey has just begun.”

Schade, der Mann hätte so gut zu Swashbuckle gepasst. Was ist aus den eigentlich geworden? Piraten Metal ist wohl doch eine Welle, die nur von Napalm Records beherrscht wird!

Anstehende Konzerte werden wegen des Ausstiegs von Juho nicht abgesagt und so haben folgende Termine auch noch ihre Gültigkeit:

10.04.2013 Gdansk (Parlament) PL
11.04.2013 Wroclaw (Alibi) PL
12.04.2013 Carcov (Kwadrat) PL
13.04.2013 Warsaw (Progresja) PL
15.04.2013 Copenhagen (Pumpenhuset) DK
16.04.2013 Aarhus (Voxhall) DK
17.04.2013 Lübeck (Treibsand) DE
18.04.2013 Dordrecht (Biebelot) NL
19.04.2013 Bomal-sur-Ourthe (Durbuy Rock Festival) BE
20.04.2013 Bremen (Tivoli) DE
21.04.2013 Leeuwarden (Romein) NL
22.04.2013 Berlin (K17) DE
23.04.2013 Aschaffenburg (Colos-Saal) DE
24.04.2013 Cham (L.A.) DE
27.04.2013 Losheim (Hexentanz Festival) DE
25.05.2013 Memmingen (Kaminwerk) DE
01.06.2013 Geiselwind (Beastival) DE
02.06.2013 Plzen (Metalfest) CZ
23.06.2013 Clisson (Hellfest) FR
26.07.2013 Volosianka (Carpathian Alliance Festival) UA
15.08.2013 Falun (Rockstad 2013) SE
15.08.2013 Dinkelsbühl (Summer Breeze) DE
07.12.2013 San Jose (Siembra y Lucha 2013) CR
19.12.2013 Pratteln (Z7) CH
20.12.2013 Stuttgart (Kleine Schleyerhalle) DE
21.12.2013 Giessen (Hessenhallen) DE
22.12.2013 Dresden (Alter Schlachthof) DE
26.12.2013 Bielefeld (Ringlokschuppen) DE
27.12.2013 Fürth (Stadthalle) DE
28.12.2013 Bochum (Ruhrcongress) DE
29.12.2013 Bremen (Pier 2) DE
30.12.2013 Potsdam (Metropolis Halle) DE