Norweger, die sich nach Sonne sehnen? Eine komische Vorstellung, diese nordischen Hünen am Strand mit Sombrero und einer Axt in der Hand. Devil besingen dies ihrerseits und platzieren sich damit irgendwo zwischen Stoner und Doom Rock, ohne groß innovativ oder neu sein zu wollen. Wie auch in einem Genre, das bisweilen jede dritte Band kurz antestet. Wer jetzt noch Interesse hat, kann sich "Southern Sun" im Stream reinziehen!

Devil selbst kommentieren:

"We're very proud and excited to present to you all the first track from our upcoming album "Gather The Sinners". As you all will experience this represents the doomier side of Devil, but we all ensure you that the album will contain everything from even doomier songs to plain heavy rock. We've accomplished so much in our short period of existence, and we're still very humble, and hope you all will find pleasure in the new stuff as many of you did with the prior songs, and wish to take the opportunity to thank everyone out there who's still keeping heavy metal alive and supported us on our way. Also, we are very proud to announce that in addition to this years Inferno Festival, we'll be playing the awesome Beyond the Gates festival in Bergen alongside personal favorites and legends, such as Bulldozer, Year of the Goat, Vemod and many more to come. Until we meet again at the bar, here is Southern Sun."

Das Album "Gather The Sinners" erscheint am 22.März 2013 via Soulseller Records!