Seit Kurzem ist Sängerin Candice Clot aus dem Musikgeschäft ausgestiegen und somit sind die Französischen Metalcorer Eths auf einen Ersatz angewiesen. Den haben sie nun mit den zwei neuen Sängerinnen, Virginie Goncalves von Kells und Nelly Wood-Hasselhoff, gefunden. Wie sich diese im harten Alltag machen, kann man in den folgenden beiden Videos sehen:



Von Seiten der ehemaligen Sängerin Candice heißt es in einem langen Statement:

"I made this choice for personal and family reasons. I can't live unconditionally for music and its listeners anymore. Although the stage remains an outlet, I can't live up to such a demanding job anymore. I have been living for music for the past 15 years and it has given me back so much, but there are now things I can't sacrifice anymore and I need to take care of my family and stay with them."

"The band wants to go on, as the guys are still burning with a rage and a motivation that I don't have anymore. You can't cheat with things that have to come from your heart, body and soul. I am begging you to keep Eths and the people who will replace me close to your hearts. This is the end of a chapter, but you have to give a chance to novelty and change."

"I am definitely not irreplaceable. Until the band finds a permanent successor, two people will share the vocal duties and I asked my friend Virginie from Kells (please be nice to her) to be one of them."

"I wish to thank all those who have been supporting us since our early days in 1999, our friends, people from the music business who believe in Eths and, of course, the fans without whom nothing would have ever been possible. Eths' fans are so kind-hearted and gave me so much love and gratitude along the years that I will cherish those memories forever. I have been through wonderful times thanks to you and have been keeping all gifts and notes in a box. Thank you again."

"I guess you will ask me a lot of questions regarding my departure but please respect my silence. I told you all you need to know. Last but not least, I wish to thank Eths and the music, which taught me so much about surpassing oneself, willpower, tolerance, writing and all the things that made me become the person I am today."