Hat man einmal angefangen, kann man nicht aufhören. Deswegen hauen die Neo-Folkloristen Hexvessel gleich noch den nächsten Song ins Netz. "A Letter In Birch Bark" ist jetzt im Stream zu hören. Die dazugehörige Platte "No Holier Temple" erscheint am 7. September 202 via Svart Records. Frontmann Mat McNerney berichtet zum Album:

“The songs were written specifically to be channeled by a group. This is the sound of a cult, all focused on summoning the same magic, joined in prayer, haunted by the same demons. We actively pushed for a new way to evolve our sound. I purposely strove to make this album a calculated move-on from 'Dawnbearer'. This isn’t about using symbols of the occult. This is about a way of living that returns the old gods to their rightful place. We’re a family that worships nature through word and sound. We hope you will join us.”