Am 27. September soll Abigail Williams Zweitling "In The Absence Of Light" europaweit veröffentlicht werden. Aufgenommen haben die Black Metaller es in den Conquistador Studios in Cleveland, Ohio. Abgemischt wurde es von niemandem Geringeren als Peter Tätgren.

Zu den Aufnahmen selbst bemerkt Sänger und Gitarrist Sorceron: “We let ourselves have much more room with writing this album, kind of a more open, free environment than any we have employed before. We literally constructed the songs as we went. Ken would be in the drum room and Ian and I would be in the control room and we just played for hours. We would listen back and pick out what we thought was good and we put songs together. We recorded everything with much more ease and I think it has helped in capturing a very honest vibe.”