Die Deather Impious, haben ihr kommendes Album "Death Domination" vollständig als Stream zur Verfügung gestellt. Die Song können über "TheGauntlet.com"(Link), angehört werden.

Gitarrist Valle Adzic kommentiert: Death Domination is our sixth album, and I must say it's the first time I'm actually really happy about how the end result turned out. It just gets my engines pumping, you know? We're talking about ultra brutal death metal here, but still it has those memorable hooks somehow. Death Domination is a team effort that's as honest as it can get. We're not trying to be original or something, we've simply just worked hard on making the best songs we can come up with, and then get that on tape. I think people will notice that rock solid energy and confidence, and I hope they'll appreciate the album as much as we do. It's our fastest most aggressive record to this date for sure.”

Das Album wird am 20. November 2009 via Metalblade Records veröffentlicht.