Für alle wahren Amon Amarth Fans gibt es in diesem Jahr ein nachträgliches Weihnachtsgeschenk: Vier Tage lang werdet ihr durch die kompletten ersten vier Alben der Band geführt. Zusätzlich gibt es natürlich auch aktuelle Songs zu hören, gekrönt mit einer fetten Silvester-Party am 31.12.08. Wenn ihr also noch keine bessere Idee für euren Jahresausklang habt, beeilt euch, denn es gibt nur noch Einzeltickets!

Amon Amarth Zitat:

"We've had plans of doing a smaller club show tour for quite some time now where we'd mainly play older songs, but that has been very hard to pull off. So when this idea was brought to us of re-visiting the 4 first full lenght albums at Bochum in Germany we were all up for it. This will be a once in a life time chance for us to play and our fans to experience all the old songs that we don't have room for in the setlist anymore, but are still too good to not play! And of course we also will play songs from our new upcoming album.

Since these shows will be unique we thought we'd might as well record the shows too!

We're thrilled over this event and look forward to the shows. It will be some hard work and preparation playing around 50 -60 different songs in 4 days. Some songs we haven't played for a very, very long time and some we've never played live at all. But challenges are something that encourages us!"

See you all there!