Im Juli geht Scott Kelly wieder mit seiner Sludge-Kombo Neurosis auf Tour, um den bettelnden Hipster-Volk die Tränen in die Augen zu treiben. Damit die ganze Arbeit aber nicht allen an Scott und seinen Schergen hängen bleibt, wurden heute für die meisten Show lokale Supportbands bekannt gegeben, die sich gewaschen haben. Nicht nur unter den Axeln, sondern auch musikalisch, denn die Support-Liste selbst liest sich schon wie das fantastischste Hipster-Stoner-Fest, wo gibt:

Neurosis Europatour:

21.06.2013 FR, Clisson - Hellfest
22.06.2013 BE, Lint-Antwerp - Eurocam Media Center
Support: Syndrome

23.06.2013 GER, Karlsruhe - Substage
Support: Amenra

24.06.2013 GER, Berlin - SO 36
Support: Dark Buddha Rising

25.06.2013 DK, Copenhagen - Grey Hall / Christiania
Support: Dark Buddha Rising

26.06.2013 NO, Oslo - Betong
Support: Dark Buddha Rising

27.06.2013 NO, Trondheim - Byscenen
Support: Dark Buddha Rising

28.06.2013 SWE, Norköpping - Bravalla Festival
30.06.2013 PL, Warsaw - Palladium
Support: Terra Tenebrossa

01.07.2013 CZ, Prague - Lucerna Music Bar
Support: Terra Tenebrossa

02.07.2013 GER, Leipzig - UT Connewitz
Support: Terra Tenebrossa

03.07.2013 GER, Leipzig - UT Connewitz
Support: tba

04.07.2013 IT, Milano - Magnolia
Support: Ufomammut

05.07.2013 CH, Genf - L'Usine
Support: Zatokrev

06.07.2013 CH, Zürich - Rote Fabrik
Support: Zatokrev

07.07.2013 FR, Belfort - Eurockeennes festival

Natürlich freuen sich die Bands wie wild und drücken dies jeweils in einem Statement aus:

“We are really honored to be opening again for Neurosis. To us there is no other thing that makes more sense than playing together. Past, present and future come together in this one moment, there in Karlsruhe. Time dissolves. And Life comes to a halt. There is nothing more powerful than this.” - CHVE, Amenra

"No words can describe how honored we are to be asked to share the stage with Neurosis on their European tour. Their dedication to music and, most of all, their approach to their Art as a spiritual journey has influenced and inspired us greatly in music, and in life." - Dark Buddha Rising

"After years of being inspired by Neurosis, I am now truly honored to announce that Syndrome will be sharing the stage with them. On June 22nd, I will be the main support for their concert in Lint, Belgium which will be an exclusive Neurosis performance for Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxemburg." - MATHIEU, Syndrome

"Terra Tenebrosa are, as anyone would be, truly honored to be opening for Neurosis. I feel our music, though different in shape and form, is two sides of the same coin. I personally would not be doing what I do today if it weren't for Neurosis, and that is not even close to an overstatement. //Hibernal" - Terra Tenebrosa

"Ufomammut is honoured to share, once again, the stage in Italy with Neurosis: it'll be a great experience of heaviness and vibes for our souls" - URLO, Ufomammut

"We feel so honored to open the swiss shows for Neurosis, the band that inspired us for years and which is certainly one of the reasons why Zatokrev exists. For me personally there's probably not a lot out there that could make me more happy than sharing the stage with this group that developed their unique style further through for more than 25 years in such a pure and honest way." - Zatokrev